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Mar 14, 2022

Hampton Roads Wedding Photography

Meaningful Moments While Getting Ready

As a Virginia wedding photographer, I am a firm believer that your wedding day deserves to be filled with special moments! And sometimes you have to plan those moments in advance so that you can truly make the most of your wedding day. These are the top 3 most meaningful moments while getting ready.

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A Moment Alone

Your wedding day will be filled with friends and family who adore you! They will be so excited to chat and congratulate you, and you will more than likely be ready to embrace all of their joy. However, as a wedding photographer I recommend that take a moment before your ceremony to be alone. When you are by yourself and with your own thoughts, you will be able to more fully embrace the day. During this time you can plan to write in a journal, have quite bridals taken, or stroll through a garden. Just be sure it is a moment of relaxation for you!

Who Is Zipping Up Your Dress?

Before your wedding day, take the time to invite a close friend or family member to zip you up. This could be a bridesmaid, mom, or grandmother. Creating this special moment while getting ready gives you the chance to connect on a personal level. On your wedding day, you deserve to build memories and special bonds. This will be a memory the will last a life time for the both of you.


Time For Everyone

In your wedding day timeline plan to have a few minutes of one on one time with each of your bridesmaids and family members who are with your the morning of your wedding. Not everyone can zip you up in your wedding dress. But everyone can have a five minute conversation with you! During this time you can read a special letter you wrote to each individual, give a small gift, or just chat. No matter what you plan to do, these little moments before your wedding will set the tone for your ceremony.

While getting ready on your wedding day you deserve to create memories that will be meaningful and lasting. With these top 3 moments to plan while getting ready, you are sure to get just that! I am so excited for the morning of your wedding and all the beautiful moments that will come with it! Reach out and let’s connect on all your wedding photography needs!

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