Once you fill out the contact form I will get with you almost immediately to talk about what makes your family oh so special. 

Please expect to spend about 20 minutes on the phone with me so I can learn everything I need to in order to give you the images you dream of.

Your family is one of a kind, and you deserve to receive an experience just as unique.

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After we talk on the phone, expect that I will invite you out to a park or a lunch to give your family the opportunity to get to know me. 

To photograph your family in the best possible way, I need to put the hard work in to develop that trust, not only with you but also your kiddos and your partner.

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Once the retainer and contract are received, you will receive all the information you need to make this a seamless, fun experience. 

I will give you resources for the perfect locations, outfit guides, a checklist to make sure you don't forget anything, and the Product and Process Guide so you know what to expect from beginning to end. 

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On your session day, I will arrive early to the location that we have selected to scout out the perfect place. I will ensure that we are in a private location free from distraction. 

Once the session starts, we let the kiddos lead. This gives them the ability to feel involved and allows you to let go of stress to be present in the moment. 

The best part? You get true photographs of your children just as they are.

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Aside from hanging out with you, this is my favorite part. I love taking everything we have created, and putting it all together for you.  I add the secret sauce to make your images pop with genuine style. 

My style of photographing and editing is true to life and color. So you don't have to worry about dying trends in a few years.

There won't be any sneak peeks for family sessions, however, the wait is worth every second. Your preview gallery will be completed within 4 weeks. And I promise - you are going to love it. 

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The final part of your photography experience is the most anticipated. Your Preview. I get to share with you everything you have built together in this life - Your beautiful story. 

You will see a few hand selected prints, and then a sweet slideshow of all the images, and finally, we design your signature album just the way you want.

After all is said and done,  you will have memories that are now tangible for you to share with each other for the rest of your lives.

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authentic moments

Building your story from


close your eyes.
take a deep breath.
and feel the excitement.

this is your day.
and your moment.

Document the small moments of everyday. Starting at $3800.

day in the life


I offer specialized, children led family sessions beginning at $690.

family sessions

Yearly Mini Session Specials are available for families every September.

yearly minis

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Every Family Package Includes:

~ Children led sessions allow for a relaxed, enjoyable family moment to remember
~ Retouched Preview Gallery and Order Session to personalize your keepsakes

Each service I provide focuses on a customized experience beginning with learning about who you are as individuals, as well as a family. We deep dive what you love about each other, and how you connect with your loved ones. I walk through every part of the photography process with you, so the only surprises you get, are the ones you will love. 

$ 690

Family Collections



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telling your story just the way you deserve

boldly. romantically. authentically.

limited dates left for 2023

For information on packages and pricing, fill out the contact form below. I promise to get back to you with either my availability or a trusted referral to help you in your search.

If I am available for your date, we will meet in person to talk about your values and what means the most to you. From there, we will create a custom package with exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. 

personally, i can't wait to Photograph your family just as you are.

expect a text or phone call from me soon!

Thank you for reaching out!