four little siblings sitting on a curb together at a park with their arms around each others shoulders for Hampton Roads family photography

Mar 6, 2022

Family Photography

Family Photos With Young Children Tips

I love getting to work with young families as a Hampton Roads Family Photographer! It is always so fun and refreshing to photograph family photos with young children. However, I do know that as parents and photographers it can get stressful. But with these tips I am confident that you can make the most of your family photos with young children!

little children running towards the Hampton Roads family photographers camera on a sunny summer day

Simple Posing

When photographing younger children during family photos it is best to keep posing minimal and simple! Use easy descriptions that are easy to understand. And do not ask too much of them. Posing like “sit on that bench” or “hug each other” are best. These are poses that will come natural to them while still achieving great family photos!

Candid Moments

The most special moments in a family are the ones that are not planned. I like to help my families relax and feel comfortable with me so I can capture candid moments. These are the little smiles and funny behaviors that showcase each family members individual personality! They are the moments that will be cherished for decades to come as you look back on your family photos.

little girl dancing in a yellow dress under a terrace for Hampton Roads family photography

Variety In Locations

Something that I adore about being a Hampton Roads Family Photographer is how much variety you can get in one location! Look for benches, stairs, bridges, trees, and basically anything else that will give variety to your gallery. This also helps with family photos with young children by having the kids not get too comfortable or bored in one spot.

toddler girl in a yellow jumper with her hands on her hips smiling for her summer family photos in Hampton Roads

child posing with her hand on her cheek and her arm on a bench captured by Hampton Roads family photographer

Let Them Play

The best time as a kid is play time! With that I always encourage my families to play and have fun together. I often will give prompts like “hold hands and dance” or ” race towards me”. This gives your family photos a fun candid look, while still being directed in a subtle way to get that perfect shot! Playing together is where some of the best family memories are made, so why not capture them?!

Just The Parents

As a parent you world revolves around your children. But sometimes you deserve to take a step back and just focus on each other. As a Hampton Roads Family Photographer I love to honor the parents by getting photos of just the two of them. These can be playful, romantic or just relaxed. Whatever you feel best represents your relationship at this moment!

mom and dad sitting on a wooden swing together for their Hampton Roads family photos with young children

Family Photos with young children can be a lot to handle! But with these five tips you will find it can be a lot more fun than stressful. Still need a family photographer? Reach out! I would love to get to know you and capture these once in a life time moments!

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