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Mar 21, 2022

Family Photography

How To Use Your Family Photos

So, you got your images back. Now what? As a Hampton Roads family photographer I understand that you want to make the most of your family photoshoot. And that includes what you do with your family photos after you get them back! These are my top three ways to use your family photos and get the most bang for your buck!

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Gallery Walls & Albums

This is a classic way to use your family photos in your own home. And if you don’t already have a gallery wall leading up your stairs, or in one of your hallways, then let me talk you into it! When you use your family photos from one session in a gallery wall you can create a uniform look. Highlighting every member of your family from that time in life. Then, the next time you have your family portraits taken you can simply move the entire gallery wall into a memory box or yearbook album. You can enjoy your photos now and then later as a keepsake.


There are about a thousand ways to gift your images. And your loved ones will adore it! Often time we don’t get to see pictures of our family and friends unless we log onto out social media. And even then, it can be easy to get lost in the algorithm! So here are a few ideas for gifting your Hampton Roads family photos!

  • classic frame and photo
  • calendars
  • album books

MPIX has a ton of ideas for gifting photos in unique ways, but these are my favorites!

three generations of men together standing on a dirt path captured by best Hampton Roads family photographer


If you have a big announcement to make to your family and friends, then use your family photos to do it! Typically when I have a large, or multi-generation family photoshoot I will separate each family unit for photos. This is a great time to capture your new baby with just mom and dad. Or to capture a newly engaged couple! Then use these images to announce your big news!

Capturing your family is such an honor for me. I love getting to know you and having fun throughout the session. And even more importantly, I want you to enjoy your Hampton Roads family pictures for years to come! Reach out and let’s chat about your family photoshoot.

Need tips for taking family photos with young children? Check out my tips as a Hampton Roads family photographer here!

mother and her three daughters hugging each other on a dirt road in Williamsburg during their Hampton Roads family photographer

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