Jul 20, 2021

Family Photography

Family Vacation Photo Shoot Tips

If you are the type to go on vacation and loves to have a family photo session done on the beach, then I have some tips for you. While I can’t plan your trip, I can help you make sure your family pictures look amazing with a few recommendations. When looking for the right photographer, here are some great family vacation photo shoot tips to follow:

  1. One thing to ensure is that your photographer knows the location well. Choosing a spot on the beach for family photos can actually be a bit of a challenge. In the summer, the crowds become very large, but also remember that the sand can get very hot for feet. Make sure your photographer knows a great location. Ask if there are a couple backup in case the initial one doesn’t work out. With all of my vacation clients, I suggest a minimum of two spots. I check each location and give my best recommendation for their requested time frame.
  2. Another thing to ask your photographer is if they offer any back up dates in case there are storms. In the Hampton Roads area, chances are that for a 5-7 day trip, summer storms will roll through. Be sure your photographer can provide a backup date should you need to reschedule.
  3. Your photographer is also a great resource for styling and wardrobe ideas. Ask them if there is a style guide to follow for the location you pick. For my clients, I have put together a simplistic styling guide that I email out after booking. This guide gives good insight for colors, patterns, and what to look for when styling the kids too.
  4. Another great family vacation photo shoot tip is to ask your photographer if their style includes candid or posing only. Various photographers have their own unique style that their clients LOVE and hire them for. Make sure you know what look you are going for and communicate that with your photographer. The more your photographer knows what you want, the better they know how to serve you.
  5. One last thing, to remember – Ask your photographer about the products they offer. If you are looking for a full service photographer who delivers heirlooms, be sure to ask them about it. Prepare yourself for what you’d like to do with your pictures once they are done. Full service photographers get so much joy providing your experience, and then following it up by delivering art that you will place in your home for everyone to see. It literally makes our jobs that much more special. So ask them what services they provide and let them deliver their expertise. What better than to hang your beautiful vacation memories inside your home?

Of all these things, the best thing you can do is communicate and connect with your photographer. Your vacation is going to be exciting, and full of life. So, don’t forget to document all of that emotion. Seriously, as photographers, we love to take on the logistics of getting your session prepared while allowing you to have all the fun.

I mean after all, you are on vacation, right?

Also, check out this sweet family beach session of the Bailey family hanging out at the beachfront. They played with each other, their cousins, and got to spend an entire week with some family members they had never been able to meet, until this trip.

Check out the pinterest boards for some great wardrobe ideas here and let’s plan a session by filling out the contact form and let’s plan your next session!

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