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May 20, 2021

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Homestead Resort Engagement Session

A few weeks ago, I helped Matthew plan a Homestead Engagement Session to propose to his girlfriend, Callie at the Omni Homestead resort in Hot Springs, Virginia.


So, we conversed in the evenings while Matthew was getting off work, so Callie wouldn’t know. We began the discussions by finding out a little about them as a couple. He told me that they were going out of town on Sunday and they were possibly going to be golfing at the Omni Homestead in Hot Springs, Virginia as a daytrip, which would serve as a great proposal opportunity. I agreed. I gave Matthew my information, and he said he would call back.


At that moment, we decided that I had to change my name to Allison, so we could make plans secretly. We had the story set. The Homestead was hosting quite a few events over the weekend and I was updating the website with new images. I would have an assistant with me, and we would “randomly” ask them if they would be willing to pose for a picture or two.

The day came for their Homestead Resort Engagement Session.

So, I drove to the Homestead and waited. Matthew texted me they would arrive around 4pm. I had enough time to tie up some loose ends on my part. Soon after I arrived, I went to the front desk and asked if I could have some help with photographing a proposal on the property. The front desk supervisor, Jamyla was more than willing. She first helped me with the planning, of the location and then helped guide the acting. (Jamyla, if you end up reading this, please know I am still reeling over how much you helped me, and how amazing you are as a person.)

Finally, at around 4:30pm Matthew sent me the notification they had arrived, and we were on. Jamyla intercepted Matthew and Callie as they were walking into the hotel. She asked them to take the pictures, and they obliged.

But this time, I had them rearrange for a “better shot”. Once we connected with Matthew and Callie, we took a few posed pictures. Then, I told them I needed to redo them because the images were “blurry”.

This was Matthew’s cue to take a step back and go down on his knee for Callie. The plan worked. She had no idea. Matthew got down on one knee. Callie gasped in surprise and the lovely crowd from the top floor, cheered loudly from their windows as she said yes. They were engaged!

Just imagine everyone’s hearts bursting at the front of the property, as they decided to take their next step into forever. We did a quick engagement session and they celebrated by enjoying a sweet dinner at the Jefferson Restaurant to tie up their perfect day. Below is where their story picks up, and I can’t tell you guys just HOW MUCH I loved being apart of such a wonderful moment.

I am SO grateful to have shared in such a moment. I am now announcing that I am HAPPILY helping plan and document successful proposals for couples.

Are you next? If so, contact me HERE to plan your surprise Homestead Resort engagement and proposal! I already have more ideas brewing, to include awesome disguises!

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Homestead Engagement Session | Omni Homestead Resort

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