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Jun 3, 2022

Wedding Photography

Hosting Your Wedding in An Aquarium

Hosting Your Wedding in An Aquarium

Imagine planning your perfect unique wedding venue and then realizing there is so much more to it than you initially thought. Kind of scary, right? Knowing what to anticipate for your aquarium wedding will allow you to move through the planning process with fewer surprises. This will also help you focus on enjoying the entire wedding experience. So, I have compiled some important considerations I have learned throughout my years photographing weddings in various aquarium settings.

Aquarium Weddings Equal Fun

Hosting your wedding at an aquarium sometimes comes with perks. One perk sometimes includes free admission for your guests so they can celebrate with you and have their own experience. Also, aquariums are a great interactive experience for those weddings that are “kid-friendly.” 

Unique Wedding and Reception Venue

Getting married in an aquarium is a fantastic experience for animal lovers. Imagine exchanging vows as a sea turtle passes by or a shark making its appearance while taking your bridal portraits. From beginning to end, experience an elevated and unforgettable experience combined with adventure.

Wedding Day Simplicity

Most aquariums also offer all-inclusive wedding packages to help simplify the planning process. A couple of great examples include catering and on-site coordinating services. Another benefit is knowing if your venue caps the guest list at a specific amount of guests. This cap can be anywhere from 120 guests (Virginia Aquarium) to as many as 3,000 (Loveland Living Planet Aquarium.) Having these details will make the process smooth for you, and keep you excited about the important

You’re planning a dream of a wedding day, document it just how you want to remember it.

Unique Bridal Portraits

Just imagine how epic wedding photos will be. And five years from now feeling that giddy excitement of sharing your images with sea creatures only 5-10 away from you. With the right photographer, that can certainly happen. Lighting within those exhibit areas will be really low, and most aquariums have a no flash rule for the safety of the animals.  So, finding a photographer who can work within these limitations will be imperative so you get stunning, breathtaking images to relive.

Need a wedding photographer for your aquarium wedding?

Unique Aquarium Wedding Venue Rules and Considerations

While an aquarium is a fantastic wedding venue option, consider a few unique factors and rules that other types of venues may not have. There are many reasons for this, but the priority has to be safety and well-being of the animals that call the aquarium home. One example is there may be music level limitations in certain areas of the aquarium. 

Another point to consider is duration times of events may vary based on the environment of the aquarium, your requests, and the individual policies of the location you choose. There may also be factors that can influence changes to your day, such as weather, animal well-being or unforeseen exhibit closures. Be sure to ask your coordinator about these types of incidents so you can know what to expect for your day.

Also, keep in mind that aquariums generally remain open to the public throughout the day while you are getting ready. Some will close early to allow for privacy during your event. 

Finally, if you are looking to host your wedding in an aquarium, there are fewer venue options available. For example, in Virginia there is the The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center, located in Virginia Beach.

Overall, an aquarium wedding is a perfect choice to celebrate your day with family and friends. It’s an even better experience when you know what to expect. Also, if you are looking for the right photographer, fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page, and let’s get started.

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