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Feb 18, 2021

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The 2021 Challenge | 8 Ways to Show Up

2020 was tough, however, I gained clarity on a goal: Serving Others Better. 

So, 2021 is here, and it will also be challenging. However, I am taking that knowledge and I am taking control of what I can do for my clients, family, friends, and myself. There will be lots more on that later. But here is a fantastic start.

  • I am making hard stop decisions. Instead of weighing options like I always do, I will be taking risks and focusing on riding the waves as they come. Whatever happens, let it come.
  • I am implementing new policy changes all around and I will not back down from them even if that means I have to gulp down the fear in the midst of a breath. I learned from Brene Brown that taking a moment to hesitate invites doubt, and I don’t have room nor the time for that anymore. My to-do list is already too long (in a fantastic way).
  • I am also focusing on the stoppage of excuse phrases in order to procrastinate or create an impossible mental to-do list that I never remember. You can’t get something done if you don’t remember to do it.
  • I am practicing vulnerability. There’s so much I could elaborate, but I will just leave it here that I have “not known” how to be “Nicole the Business Owner” in quite a while. And if I am going to really be honest with myself, that’s nonsense. In my core, I know who I am as a person. As a business owner, I haven’t really gotten to know myself and I haven’t been serving myself. And there isn’t really a reason why that is, so time to change that.

As a business owner, I haven’t really gotten to know myself and I haven’t been serving others better, or myself, for that matter. And there isn’t really a reason why that is, so time to change that.

  • I am busy – in all the good ways. I am busy focusing on what needs to be done, being the best version of myself. And finally, I am busy showing up. I am busy supporting my colleagues and finding ways to help others be the best versions of themselves. Busy is good when done right. So, I am busy.
  • I have to be okay with failure. I fail and as a perfectionist, it kills me when I don’t get something right. Unrealistic expectations of being an expert in everything is exhausting and it doesn’t set up room to actually learn. Failing is learning, and I have to take responsibility of my education if I am going to be serving others better.
  • I am embracing “No”. There’s a power in deciding to either stand up for yourself by preserving your energy for things you deem worthy. There’s also an equal power in accepting that things will not always be for you. Either way, there’s a power there, I want to embrace it.
  • I will give myself grace. In all of challenges I am presenting myself, there is room to grow and accept that I won’t hit those marks every single day, or even at all sometimes. And that is okay. It’s just a lesson each time to take note and try a bit differently. And in the spirit of serving others better, I have to make room to know that I am not perfect. I have to give myself that space to grow and know it’s’ okay.I debated on writing this blog post at all because part of me didn’t feel ready and the other part of me wasn’t sure it’d be relevant enough to share with viewers and potential clients.

However, the greater part said that if I make an accountability checklist to make that promise to show up each and everyday, it can only mean that I be serving others better.

So — Here is my promise to myself with 2021 for accountability and motivation. Yes, things got hard. Things are still hard for all of us. Transferring that energy into something useful and tangible will only be an encouragement to make it to the easier times.

I am making space to grow and I am excited to see the outcomes as well as the conscious choice to be intentional and provide the best service I can. I am also making the commitment to be all in. There’s no room to be anything but my best self.

With that, I invite you to join me for the entire ride; to embrace the small moments, victories, feelings and experiences because they are the foundation to the big wins that are coming. 

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