Dec 1, 2022

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Propose in Virginia: 6 Tips to Make it Easy

Planning to propose to your partner can be overwhelming and you may not know where to begin. It may also seem like there aren’t many resources for documenting or planning how to propose in Virginia. However, this list of locations paired with these simple tips, will make the process simpler so you can focus on being fully present in the moment when it happens.

A Few Ideas on How to Propose in Virginia

Get Engaged Where You Took Your First Date

Go back to the very beginning. Reliving your very first date is one of the most sentimental ways to propose. If this is a shared favorite memory, reminiscing over small stories and memories you share will help you feel more connected. This will also make the moment even more special once you ask the question. Another great point here is you will have an amazing new story to tell about an old, favorite place.

propose in Virginia at your First Date Spot

Propose at a Local Beach

If you’ve spent any time living in Virginia, there’s a good chance that you have a favorite beach. Plan a day of relaxation or seek out a quiet area between some sand dunes and rocks. After you’ve settled in – pop the question!

Go to a Local Garden and Propose

There are a number of gorgeous locations throughout Virginia. Taking a walk in a local garden is certainly a great location to propose. It would be easy to plan a small picnic and have a photographer in hiding to document your simplistic, yet elegant date turned engagement.

You are spending a lot of time planning your proposal. Save the memory.

Stay at a Cabin for a Surprise Proposal Getaway

There’s just something inherently romantic about a cozy cabin in the mountains. Luckily, Virginia offers an incredibly long list of places and activities to make such an occasion unique. Honestly, the most popular time of the year is the fall, however, there is no wrong time of the year to take a weekend getaway. I recommend checking out VRBO for the best deals and availability!

Propose at Home

Planning your proposal at home can also be as special, if not more, than going on a trip. Plan to cook dinner or hire a private chef if you want to get extra fancy. Place prints around your home or create a special photo album of all your special moments together. Or, you can also go the lowkey route and pop the question while watching your favorite movie and eating popcorn.

Propose at Your Favorite Brewery or Winery

Create a small afternoon activity of going to your favorite drink spot. Or, check out a new place together. Or, surprise them with a new place they’ve been wanting to try. This is a great option if you are planning to have family or friends in attendance. Your partner will be unsuspecting, and you will have your best people with you!

5 Best Places to Propose in Virginia

This list will not contain every amazing place to propose in Virginia, however, this small collection is a few favorites that are some very impressive options.

Virginia Proposal Getaway: The Omni Homestead Resort

This stately mountainside resort is a great weekend getaway location in Hot Springs and the PERFECT place to propose in Virginia. The Homestead will make for an unforgettably romantic location for your perfect proposal.

omni homestead resort photographers proposal nicole thomas photography couple kissing after getting engaged propose in Virginia

Libby Hill Park

Located right in the heart of the capital, Libby Hill Park provides a scenic urban backdrop with the right amount of peaceful seclusion.  

Alexandria Waterfront

Historic Alexandria exudes charm, especially at the waterfront. This is a great place for a proposal followed by dinner at one of their local restaurants.

Propose at Fort Monroe

As a military base turned national park, Fort Monroe is a local favorite spot that never gets too crowded. They have a brewery and a beach, along with a park inside the moat for a nice afternoon out. Additionally, the scenery is varied and creates a gorgeous intimate backdrop.

Get engaged at Luray Caverns

Another great recommendation is to create a small adventure for your proposal. Why not take an exhilarating tour of one of Virginia’s most gorgeous cave systems is an unforgettable experience? Also, imagine what the photos will look like with sharks swimming in tanks behind you.

Give them the gift of documenting the moment they said “Yes”

Propose in Virginia: Bonus Locations

Propose at the Virginia Aquarium

A proposal at the Virginia Aquarium is absolutely one of the best recommendations I can make for quite a few reasons. For example, imagine the pictures you would be able to relive in front of the shark tank. Also, the trail outside is a great place to escape to let it all sink in.

Military Aviation Museum

This is also another location in the Hampton Roads area, however, if you are looking for an adventurous way to propose in Virginia, you can book an actual airplane ride. My recommendation is this: set up a date, do the ride, propose, and then finish it off with an amazing set of photos from your photographer. You can’t go wrong.

Charter a Virginia Sailboat to Propose

A proposal on a sailboat is something I personally wish there were more of. For one thing, it’s quite an intimate experience. Secondly, the captain is a dependable person to rely on for help in making it a special occasion. Also, you could easily set it up with a photographer to be discrete in documenting the moments leading up to, during, and even after. Who doesn’t want engagement pictures on a sailboat? Check them out right here: PROPOSE ON A SAILBOAT

Propose in Virginia at Fort Monroe during sunset

Frequently asked questions about marriage proposals:

What’s the most romantic way to propose in Virginia?

The word “romantic” is subjective when it comes to describing moments between couples. What might be special for one couple, wouldn’t be the same for another. However, being wholly sincere, and placing a lot of effort into the occasion will make the moment heartfelt and unforgettable.

What do I say while proposing?

When planning what to say while proposing, the idea is to keep it simple. You might be a little nervous, so you will feel a little vulnerable. Which is okay! That makes the moment so much more special. Also, your partner wants to hear how you feel about them, and your relationship. No planned speech will ever match what comes straight from the heart.

How do you record a proposal?

Your proposal is going to be a whirlwind occasion so I personally recommend documenting your proposal with a photographer and a videographer. It is pretty simple to have someone take the photos but, if you have the ability and the budget, include a professional photographer and videographer.

Speaking of Virginia Proposal Photographers: I’m Nicole and I’d love to help you propose in Virginia.

Somehow, I have into becoming a trusted proposal photographer for couples throughout Virginia over the past couple years. I have even helped plan a few from beginning to end. It’s safe to say, I am now quite the expert actor on creating great cover stories to make each proposal unique and a wonderful surprise. Documenting those first exciting moments of your story is always exciting. You will not regret it because you will quickly find those photos will matter more and more as time goes on.

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