Jun 16, 2022

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How Many Wedding Photographers Do I Need?

“How many wedding photographers will be at my wedding?”

This is a staple question that most couples ask. Let me break this down for you.

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How Many Wedding Photographers Will We Need?

This question comes in many different forms. “How many photographers will be there?” Or, it sounds like “will you provide second shooters?” “Who else is going to be with you?” And finally, “Do you have a team?”

No matter the form, it’s important to know what to expect, and what you are asking for.

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What is a Second Shooter?

A second shooter is an associate hired by the lead photographer to photograph various events throughout a wedding day. They can be there for a small portion of the day, or for the entirety of the event. A second shooter is good to have because they offer a different dynamic and perspective to fill in details of the day, you might otherwise miss.

When Do I Need a Second Shooter?

I encourage all couples with coverage between 6-8 hours and over 100 guests to select a package with a second shooter. Admittedly, I used to handle all my weddings without a second. And while I was able to do the work, it was hard to ensure the big moments would not be missed. Luckily, in that time period, I was able to follow through with no issues. However, I no longer take that risk for my clients.

My recommendation is this: If you are asking “How many wedding photographers do I need?” The answer is definitely two.

What Does a Second Photographer Do?

Generally, while the lead photographer stays with one partner, the second shooter goes with the other. They photograph getting ready, bridal party portraits and the candids in between. During the ceremony, they work alongside the lead to get various angles and other important pictures. During the formals and reception, they work seamlessly to be everywhere documenting guests having fun, cocktail hour and other details the lead might request. One will generally focus on the key images and the other will fill in with details and candid moments. This ensures you get to see more of your wedding day while focusing on being in the moment without worry.

Can I Hire Only One Wedding Photographer to Save Money?

You could definitely hire just one photographer to cover your wedding day. However, there is no guarantee that a single wedding photographer would capture all the important moments. Having multiple photographers on the day helps in many ways. They help to keep you within your timeline (more on this topic later). Also, they help you stay present in the moment so you are not be worried about what images will be documented.

Also, think about this – You have been planning this wedding for a LOOONG time. You have made sure that the details of this day are perfect. After all the work you have put into making this day a memorable success, you deserve to see the gorgeous results. Do not cut corners where it matters.

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