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Sep 23, 2022


Historic Whitewood | A Timeless Virginia Wedding Venue

Historic Whitewood is a brand-new Virginia wedding venue situated in Powhatan, about 20 minutes from Richmond. This expansive, open property dates back to the 1850s and has a distinguished history. However, Sarah and Chad Taylor transformed the location in 2020 into the dependable and time-honored weekend wedding haven it is today. This historical, gorgeous farmhouse and land is the ideal emerging location for couples who have a classic and timeless sense of style. Complete with a guest house that doubles as the bridal suite, the Groom’s den, and expansive spaces for ceremony and reception settings, this new venue has so much to offer. It’s easy to see why they would be a first wedding choice.

2987 Huguenot Trail, Powhatan, Virginia 23139

Historic Whitewood Farmhouse Main Image

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What I Love About This Venue As a Photographer

Obviously, the size of the entire site is the first thing I noted about about Historic Whitewood. Upon driving into the entrance, it was noticeable that the contemporary additions of the guest house and groom’s den complement the traditional elements of timeless simplicity. Additionally, Sarah and Chad are incredible hosts of the space. Once I arrived to do a tour, their intricate attention to detail and efforts made me feel like I was planning my own wedding with them.

Once we began the tour, it became obvious to me that the layout of Historic Whitewood provides an innumerable amount of gorgeous backdrop opportunities. The trees provide the perfect amount of shade on a sunny day. Also, the outdoor ceremony space provides endless opportunities to capture a variety of angles so nothing is missed. Additionally, their fishing pond provides a secluded and serene escape for bridal portraits, or to just get away for a few minutes. Finally, the dedicated covered reception space is perfect for easy lighting once the sun goes down. Sarah and Chad left no detail to chance when designing the property into the dream venue location it is. Everything about their property is perfect for hosting the perfect wedding weekend, especially from a photography standpoint.

Historic Whitewood Guest House Front Image that also doubles as the bridal suite.

About Historic Whitewood

With its grand architecture, this Virginia wedding venue is unquestionably a remarkable location. A gorgeous, classically inspired setting emerges as you travel up the gravel road to the property, making it the perfect place to host the most stunning wedding. First, the guesthouse is on the left. Then, the venue parking lot is located directly behind it in a large open field of grass as you proceed. The groom’s den and barns follow that. More fields and the pathway leading to the fishing pond are located at the back of the property. Finally, large fields leading into the front yard of the farmhouse found to the right of the property are where ceremonies are held. 

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Historic Whitewood Ceremony and Reception Locations

The Historic Whitewood Front Lawn

For your ceremony, The Front Lawn provides a stunning backdrop with meticulously maintained farmed fields flanked by soaring trees. This area can be artistically embellished with an arch or left unadorned. Up to 250 guests may be seated in this designated ceremony area. For your wedding, the cultivated fields also include crops that rotate according on the seasons, guaranteeing a different background every few months for couples.

The Historic Whitewood Side Lawn

In addition, a Side Lawn offers a second choice with a clearer view of the fields. Additionally, you can use this area to come up with original decorating ideas for the room. Open, lush grass on each side of the area allows for the focus to be solely on you during your ceremony. 

Side Lawn Ceremony Area for Historic Whitewood

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The Reception Tent

A large reception area next to a rear patio with garden-inspired design is the perfect backyard setup. With its sizable 40×100 high peak tent, Historic Whitewood provides a curated area for visitors to congregate, eat, and revel in style.

Historic Whitewood Amenities

Bridal Suite

The bridal suite and a place for newlyweds to stay the night following the ceremony are both located in the guest house. To make getting ready easier, there is a large sitting area for getting ready as well as a salon at the back. It also includes a fully functioning shampoo chair, a designated location for makeup, and a chair for styling. There is also a large kitchen space to enjoy drinks and food.

Groom’s Den

The Groomsmen can get ready and unwind in elegance before the festivities at the Groom’s Den, a room close to the pool. Also, to make getting ready a simple and stress-free affair, there is a fridge, bar, television, and leather couches.

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The Pool

With a large fireplace for those cooler nights, cocktail hour can be enjoyed in comfort by the pool any time of year. Additionally, umbrella covered tables make the space cozy and comfortable.

The Red Truck

Historic Whitewood also supplies a functionally and beautiful vintage red truck for couples to utilize for portraits. The truck can be brought out and parked almost anywhere to add dimension to the look of the day, as well.

The Fishing Pond

The lakeside space to the rear of the property is great to escape to for bridal portraits. There is a space for deep greenery and a dock next to the water that provides a timeless feel. The trees nearby are also a perfect woody backdrop to add to the variety of the space. Also, to get back to this area, they utilize a large golf cart to make the few minute getaway fun and exciting.

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Open Fields

The wide and open spaces provide expansive views and opportunities for countless photo opportunities. The fields are also another great location for expansive bridal portraits. Another wonderful note to add, is that their crop rotations vary with each season, so each year will be different creating a one of a kind experience for you.

Open Fields at Historic Whitewood that provide a beautiful backdrop for bridal party portraits.

The Bar

Sarah and Chad really have thought of everything when it comes to hosting their property as a wedding venue. Currently, they are repurposing a small trailer into a bar that is dedicated to the reception space. This little bar is quite literally the perfect addition as an incredible dynamic making the festivities even grander.


There is a spacious designated parking location for guests behind the bridal suite. More specifically, the location is conveniently close to the ceremony areas, but not close enough to be a distraction. This also allows for easy departure for guests after the evening is over.

Preferred Vendors List

Sarah and Chad also provide a list of preferred vendors to make the planning process seamless and easy. Overall, they make sure this list is complete with trusted professionals who know how to make your wedding day come to life.

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Estimated cost of a wedding at Historic Whitewood

Special wedding weekend packages are available at Historic Whitewood for $10,000, beginning on Fridays at 3 p.m. through Sundays at 10 a.m. This includes many unique features such as the bride and groom staying the night after the rehearsal dinner on Friday; and after the wedding on Saturday. Additionally, this package includes the ability to use the guest house and adjacent salon for getting ready. The other half of the bridal party can get ready in style in The Groom’s Den which is also available as a second location. Both, the huge tent for the reception and space for cocktail hour on the Pool Patio are included in the package.

Also, their wedding package allows for up to 250 guests, and they can also accommodate smaller weddings, if you prefer.

You also have access to the two-acre fishing pond, which is ideal for getting away for a little while or for engagement photos. And lastly, they provide the chance to participate in the bourbon-burying tradition.

Choosing Historic Whitewood

As an up and coming wedding venue in Virginia, this is a wedding venue to absolutely consider. They provide a comprehensive, fully intimate, yet invigorating wedding experience for anyone to love. So, check out their website below, and schedule a tour. You will be glad you did.

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