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Jan 12, 2022

Hampton Roads Engagement Photography, Hampton Roads Wedding Photography

Hampton Roads Engagement Photography

Living in Hampton Roads most of my life, I consider myself pretty lucky to experience everything the area has to offer. As a photographer, I am even more lucky because I get to photograph the beautiful landscapes, but also the most beautiful people who live and visit here. If you just got engaged — BIG CONGRATS — and you want to incorporate your most special places, then check out this list of Hampton Roads’ engagement photography locations I have compiled to help complete your search. Also, don’t forget to check out the blog post for more Hampton Roads engagement photography locations on the Southside too!

Fort Monroe – Hampton
Great for mixing up your engagement photos in Hampton Roads

This is my favorite recommendation based on Fort Monroe’s unique layout. For starters, this location caters to so many different styles.  Not to mention, it’s great for history buffs. There is so much space that it’s hard to run into many crowds. Also, Fort Monroe is easily accessible. Below is a great idea of what the area has to offer:

  • The beach and boardwalk
  • The Moat and its gorgeous fields
  • Many different industrial backdrops
  • An area with residential neighborhood areas
  • Oozlefinch Brewery
  • Softball and Baseball fields for couples who are into sports
  • The Gazebo area at the Chamberlin


Downtown Hampton
Historical, charming and urban for engagements

The next best place I love to recommend to couples is Downtown Hampton. If you’ve never been downtown or considered your engagement session there, allow me to request reconsideration. Here’s why – Downtown Hampton is a few blocks wide with cobblestone streets and red brick sidewalks and buildings. But also, there are a few parking garages perfect for a secluded, urban feel to your photos.  With its natural set up, the orange sunset lighting is soft and spectacular. The entire area is never too crowded and, the area also has a touch of historical charm to mix things up a bit. You can also walk to the Mill Point Park area for a greener backdrop next to the water. I definitely suggest taking a walk around downtown, and you’ll see that the entire location is picturesque.

Sandy Bottom Nature Park – Hampton
Hampton Roads engagement photography perfect for pets

Sandy Bottom is a pretty popular with dog lovers and runners alike. Many couples and families venture out to the park for a nice, lowkey activity to do together. Sandy Bottom also has a great choice of backdrops to choose from. The paths next to the water gives a nice lakeside feel and view. The trees make for a nice forested location. And, there is even an open path that resembles a nice beach trail walk on the backside of the park. Some areas of the park do tend to get a bit crowded, but most of the time, Sandy Bottom is perfect for a great outdoorsy setup.

York River State Park – James City County
Gorgeous backdrop location perfect for the Fall

York River State Park is a little bit further away and I really don’t think this qualifies for Hampton Roads. BUT, I included it in the list because it’s worth considering – especially in the fall! If you travel up the interstate at, the park is located off of exit 231B and there is a state park fee of $5. The colors of the leaves during transition to fall are literally perfect. The nice reds, oranges, and browns make for a gorgeous backdrop you can’t help but to love. Tucked away inside the park, there is a little pond with a dock and lilypads that is just stunningly gorgeous. The small hill and field area is gorgeous for when the sun is setting. The light peeks through perfectly to make all your photos dreamy. This park is also right on the water!

Noland Trail – Newport News
Engagement Photography with an Outdoor Feel

The Noland Trail in Newport News is by far one of the most popular locations. But, don’t let that fact deter you. The trail is a large loop that is 5 miles long so the options here are absolutely endless. With the amount of trees, the lighting is easy for photography. This is also a great location for pet owners, and for those who love the nautical history of the area being next to the Mariners Museum. There is a large field that is open and can be used for a second backdrop. The Lions Bridge is also nearby where you can take gorgeous pictures next to the water. If you decide the trail is a good spot for you, build in time to walk – you are not going to want to rush your session.

City Center – Newport News
Perfect for Midtown, Urban Engagement Photography

City Center in Newport News is ideal for a nice, clean urban backdrop. The white buildings and the fountain are perfect for the couples who are looking for simplistically modern photos. This location works perfectly for early morning strolls or for the late evening walks. There’s a little area in between the shops that will offer a location for a mid town look that you could appreciate.

Riverview Park – Newport News
Family friendly engagement photos location

Located in Newport News, in the Menchville area, is a park called Riverview Park. When you pull up to the park, you will see a playground off to the right. After parking, there are a few picnic shelters and a huge flat field with trees and a hill in the background. This location is great for families and couples with animals, as they can run throughout the whole area. This place is pretty big so it’s not hard to find a space of your own for pictures. Plus, if you have children, after the session they can go play. Riverview Park is the perfect location for golden hour.

Yorktown Beach – Yorktown
Photography location for the small town, beach feel

My last location recommendation for this post is Yorktown Beach. Yorktown is so unique. Between the small sand dunes, and the Coleman Bridge, this beach on the river is wonderful for both engagement sessions and weddings. This place is great for all times during the day. I’ve done sessions here both in full sun and during golden hour. If you want to change the scenery up a bit, the Battlefields are nearby and there is also the Colonial Parkway.  The parking areas are pretty great locations right on the water, or near the trees for a forest look.

Overall, the Hampton Roads Peninsula is gorgeous for just about any type of engagement photography. It really does come down to the locations that will mean the most to you and your partner. Are you looking to have romantic photos, fun and silly, or timelessly posed?

If you are looking and not sure how to proceed, drop me a line and I will be sure to help!

Hampton Roads Engagement Photography Locations
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