This is your story, your life, in print.

You don’t just need a wedding photographer.
You need real, timeless artwork curated to tell your honest, natural, and captivating story that begins with the moments leading up to you saying "I do."
Imagine reliving that first time feeling of exhilaration and emotion from your day each time you turn the pages of your wedding album.

This carefully designed wedding planning process, all this hard work and time you're investing - It's not for nothing. Because the day will come and go in a blink of an eye. And you deserve to feel nostalgic elation when remembering your wedding day. 

artful. bold. storytelling. 

So, tell me. What would it mean for you to be able to live presently on your wedding day?



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I am Nicole. And I am a Virginia Wedding Photographer who specializes in documenting joyful couples present in their best moments.

During their ceremony, Allison and Alex are getting ready to exchange vows. Their officiant asks them look out at all the special people joining them during their ceremony.

Nothing makes them feel more loved than seeing the faces of the people who mean the most to them, smiling back excitedly. It's this moment they realize, it's not just about pretty pictures. 

It's preserving the humanity of the moment and the connections shared with those around you. 

I adore providing true to life wedding photos built from your real moments that showcase the best parts of your wedding day. 



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timeless photography infused with emotion so you can relive one of the most important days of your lives

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My approach in working with couples is to be right there with you from first contact so you can enjoy the full wedding experience naturally and effortlessly. I believe in creating boldly, true to color artwork that surpasses trends to create sentimental family heirlooms to withstand the test of time.

I am your fly on the wall photographer documenting  your once in a lifetime small moments with the biggest impacts. My superpower is helping you tell your wedding story through movement and emotion.

more than just a virginia wedding photographer.




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Imagine yourselves on your wedding day intentionally being present and aware in your best moments.

Learn more about me, and my core beliefs in being the wedding photographer you trust.

This is your wedding story and all the details matter. Get to know what it takes to tell it just the way you deserve.

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telling your story just the way you deserve

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limited availability for 2023 & 2024

For information on packages and pricing, fill out the contact form below. I promise to get back to you with either my availability or a trusted referral to help you in your search.

If I am available for your date, we will meet in person to talk about your values and what means the most to you. From there, we will create a custom package with exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. 

You deserve the BEST wedding experience, which is why it's important to make sure we work well together. 
I only accept 15 weddings a year to ensure I can devote the proper attention to each couple. 

personally, i can't wait to possibly become your wedding photographer

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The Cavalier Hotel

Hollyfield Manor

The Omni Homestead Resort

Preferred Wedding Venues in Virginia

While I have had the pleasure of photographing weddings over the past eight  years, I have worked in and visited some of the most beautiful wedding venues throughout Virginia. Here are some of my favorite, and most recommended locations.

No Stress

You deserve for someone else to do the hard work while you enjoy precious time with your loved ones. You deserve to be comfortable on your day with your spouse. I do the hard work, you make memories because after all, that's what it is really about, right?

Creativy Abounds

Working with Virginia Wedding couples over the past eight years I have learned being seen is most important feeling. It is my honor to work closely with you to exchange creative ideas, then document the inspiring moments all around you.

Heirlooms to Cherish

We focus on the details that matter. You know the ones: The dad jokes, tight hugs, best friends ugly crying; all of it. Your Wedding Day is your first marriage story and you deserve to be able to hold those memories in your hands to relive over and over again.

You want a photographer that can document the real and authentic story of your wedding day. You want to look back in your wedding album and feel that genuine emotion just as fully as you did the first time. When you work with me, I weave those moments into a visual archive for you to hold onto for the rest of your lives.


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The Best Wedding Venues in Virginia

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I have been a wedding photographer in Virginia for over eight years collecting experience and the ability to help you create heartfelt and exciting photographs of your wedding.  Below is a collection of advice and tips that will help you from timeline planning to problem solving when things might not go perfectly.


The final product was a series of amazing photos I will cherish for a lifetime. 

Prefer an Intimate Wedding or Elopement?

Great! I also provide photography services for those who prefer to have an intimate wedding anywhere in Virginia, the rest of the US or leave the rest of the world behind to elope. If it's a destination wedding you're planning, I have my bags packed - let's go!

No matter the location, or how many people will be there, you need a photographer who can bring to life the emotional story of your day. From beginning to end, you will receive resources, recommendations, and someone to ground you on focusing on what really matters.
Your connection. Your love. Your moments.

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